Bannerghatta National Park
Bannerghatta National Park is one of the favourite tourist spot for kids who will be excited to see all the wild animals in action. Reach early if you plan to spend the whole day at the zoo.

White Bengal Tiger at Bannerghatta National Park Bangalore

Bannerghatta National Park is a zoological reserve for wild animals, birds and is situated 22 kms from Bangalore on Anekkal Road.

How to reach Bannerghatta National Park
From Kempagowda Bus Station take BMTC Bus Nos. 365, J365 or V365. From Brigade Road you can take BMTC Bus No. G4.
From Shivajinagar BMTC Bus Nos.368, 365C ply to Bannerghatta. From Shanthinagar you can take BMTC Bus Nos. 365S and 365L to the National Park.

Driving Directions
From Majestic one can reach Bannerghatta Zoo in around one and half hours. As there are many buses from almost all the major areas of Bangalore it is better to take BMTC Bus to Bannerghatta National Park. New Bus Stand has been built recently near the National Park with state-fo-the-art technology.

What to see
Grand Safari: Mini buses with saftety grills fitted on windows will take you around the Forest where wild animals are roaming freely in their own territories. First you will find Bears come on the road near the windows of your bus. Then you will enter Lions Enclave where Lions are seen with their cubs. Then the bus reaches Tiger Enclave where you can find Bengal Tigers resting on rock or walking majestically or roaring at you. You will also find Deers, Bisons etc on the Safari Trip.

Bengal White Tiger at Bannerghatta National Park

Butterfly Park: Located very near the Park where you will find lots of colourful butterflies among beautiful plants. When you go on Safari they stop here (before they drop you back) if you want to get down to see the Butterfly Park. Entry Fee: Rs.30.

Butterfly Park at Bannerghatta National Park Bangalore
There is also a small water falls inside the butterfly park.
Waterfalls at Butterfly Park Bangalore

Elephant Ride: Around six people can sit on the box over the elephant which carries you around a distance of 200 metres. Fee: Rs.60.

Serpentarium: Very few snakes are kept here and you may be lucky if you manage to see more than 3 snakes.

Ducks, crocodiles, hippopotamus in ponds, leopards, zebras, spotted deers, barking deers, wide variety of birds, separately caged can be found in various areas of the National Park.

Spotted Deers and Barking Deers at Bannerghatta National Park

Entry Fee: Rs.45.

No good restaurants are available. Survive on snacks or carry your own food.

Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Tuesday Holiday.

Best Season to Visit: September to January.

Word of Caution: Be careful not open the window panes for taking photographs or try to feed the wild animals while on Safari.

More pictures from Bannerghatta National Park:
Colorful Flowers at Butterfly Park at Bangalore
Orange Canna Flowers at Butterfly Park Bangalore
Yellow Canna Flowers at Butterfly Park Bangalore
Hibiscus Flower at Butterfly Park Bangalore
White Hibiscus Flower at Butterfly Park
Deers and Blue Bulls at Bannerghatta National Park
Bisons and Deers at Bannerghatta National Park

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