If you are planning to purchase a flat or independent house you will find these tips given below very useful:

1. Visit few projects constructed by the builder and speak to the flat owners. Ask them about the construction, whether they finished the work in time, etc.

2. Verify original land documents, construction plan and tax paid receipts for atleast last 15 years. Consult a lawyer if necessary to get them verified.

3. It is better to purchase flat when it is in the initial stages of construction than a completed one as you can opt for modifications in the plan like remove particular wall, opt for open kitchen, shift the entrance of any room to another place, have separate pooja room, store room, etc.

4. While selecting flat ensure that it has adequate natural lighting, air circulation etc. If you believe in Vastu then ensure that the flat you choose is as per Vastu requirements.

5. Read the Sale Agreement carefully. Normally the builders allow 18 months grace period for themselves and do not give any grace period for the flat owners. Also they will mention that they will pay 4% interest if they fail to deliver the flat on time but owners have to pay 18% interest if they are unable to pay the installments in time. Ensure you read and know what agreement you are signing for.

6. Approach 2 to 3 banks atleast with the details and ask for loan. Some may refuse and give you some valid reasons.

7. Make sure you get everything written on paper (agreement) like whether wood work will be part of package, teak wood doors or normal doors, bathroom fittings of reputed make like (parryware, hindware jaguar) or local make, etc. Builders promise so many things orally and you may feel betrayed later.

8. During construction ensure that they do the vitrified tile flooring properly. Normally the labourers are unskilled and you may have to redo the whole thing or live with it for the rest of your life cursing the builder.

9. Make sure the kitchen granite slope is towards the sink or else you may have to keep cleaning the stagnant water on the granite daily.

10. Decide whether you are going for chimney or ventilator fan for kitchen and get the provision done for the same.

11. Wiring will be the worst thing in most of the apartments. Ensure that you get the best company switches and MCBs and that they provide separate wiring for geysers, fridge, washing machine, microwave oven etc so that you will not face any difficulty in case you prefer to install Inverter.

12. Ensure that you have choice of colours to be painted inside your flat (also emulsion or distemper paint). Normally they orally say you can choose but then refuse saying that you have to pay extra amount for that.

13. Make sure they do rain water harvesting for your apartment (its going to be compulsory anyway). Water is a major issue in Kaggadasapura. Most of the apartments rely on water tankers for water supply.

14. Get your Khata and electricity bill transferred on your name before taking over the flat.

15. Ensure that the builders take care of maintenance till association is formed.

16. Ensure that the builders do not make any deviations in the original plan sanctioned. Normally they build extra flats on the terrace and make money out of them. This may also lead to cancellation of your housing loan by the bank.

17. Ask the builder about provision of playing area for children, measurement of individual parking slots for the amount you pay for parking.

18. Ensure whether the builder provides safety grill work for balcony and main door entrance. Some builders provide them.

19. Do not go by the name of the company advertising the flats. They may be only marketing the project and some new builder may be doing the construction. Confirm who is the builder and the engineer taking care of construction.

20. And last but not the least, do not pay the entire amount for the flat before you take over possession of the flat. Keep atleast 15% of the total money with you and pay only during handing over of keys. Many people pay the whole amount before hand and builders turn a deaf ear to their requests for completion of work.

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