The most important issue concerning Kaggadasapura presently is water problem. We, as residents should decide fast to prevent ground water depletion and conserve available water to become self dependent (and not dependent on water tankers to supply potable water). Water scarcity can be managed to a considerable extent by implementing Rain Water Harvesting in all the apartments at Kaggadasapura.

Many apartments have done Rain Water Harvesting recently like Harsha Pride, Shakthi Paradise, Golden Palm Apartments, Green Leaf Avenues, Anisha Grange, Mohan Enclave, Sys Sherwood, etc., and it is greatly beneficial to them considering the recurring expenditure of water supply through water browsers / water tankers.

Snaps of Rain Water Harvesting at Kaggadasapura

Click on the photos to see larger image

Harsha Pride Apartments

Rain Water Harvesting at Harsha Pride Apartments

Shakthi Paradise

Rain Water Filter at Shakthi Paradise Apartments

Green Leaf Avenues

Rain Water Harvesting at Green Leaf Avenues

Mini Rain Water Filter

Inside View of Mini Rain Water Filter

Sys Sherwood Apartments

Rain Water Filter at Sys Sherwood Apartments

Inside View of Rain Water Filter

Wire Mesh fitted on Rain Water Pipes inside the Filter Tank

Rain Water Pipe for First Flush during Rain

Sedimentation Pipe to remove dirt from Rain Water

Rain Water Pipes attached to Ceiling

So to improve the ground water table at Kaggadasapura we urge every apartment and individual house to go in for Rain Water Harvesting which is a one time investment with huge benefits. This is made mandatory for newly constructed apartments and also compulsory to get Cauvery Water Connection.

Any suggestions by those who have already implemented Rain Water Harvesting is welcome through the comments column below this post. Kindly share information on the approximate cost of Rain Water Harvesting and contact details. When collectively done this will cost quite less as we can bargain on construction costs.

To know more about Rain Water Harvesting at Kaggadasapura see Rain Water Harvesting

An estimate cost of Rain Water Harvesting (complete breakup) can be found here Approximate Cost of Rain Water Harvesting

If you have any doubts regarding how much water you can save, or what are the benefits and how Rain Water Harvesting is done, visit these sites for further information on Rain Water Harvesting RainWaterClub / Rain Water Concepts

Let us not waste water. Use water judiciously.

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