Vision Kaggadasapura !!

Early morning I come out of the residence for my daily morning walk. I find lot of people walking very briskly on the platform at the side of the road. They are enjoying the fresh air of the early morning. Some are walking while listening to music on their mobile or MP3 players. I reach the park near CV Raman Nagar and find people doing their exercises and yoga. Some are walking on the periphery of the park and few old people are resting a while on the benches at the park. I do my exercises and return back.

Now its time to go to work. The Sun’s rays golden in color are shining on my face as I pray to Sun God for such a wonderful morning. On both sides of the lane, I see trees with flowers as though they are welcoming me and smiling. When I move to the main road, I find the tar road absolutely clean and it is a joy to walk on the platform. Garbage neatly packed in garbage bags, has been dumped on Garbage Collection Points with no spilling anywhere on the road. There are no street dogs and even kids and elderly people are walking on the road side without any fear of stray dogs or the speeding motorists. All the motor vehicles are moving in normal or slow speed and are very considerate towards pedestrians. I don’t see any speed breakers as they are no longer required in Kaggadasapura. When I reach Kaggadasapura Railway Gate, I find the gates are closed for the train to pass. The vehicles are waiting in a long queue and no one rushing to move ahead of others. I see orderliness and patience in people. What a great sight ? When the train passed the volunteers at the gate are helping the traffic move smoothly without any chaos. The whole bunch of vehicles got cleared within few mins.

When I walk further, Kaggadasapura Main Road seems wider without any four wheelers parked on it. All the vehicles are parked on the side lanes and what a responsibility by our brothers to avoid unnecessary honking and traffic jam. I felt excited when I saw the main road and wondered how the residents have changed their lives and everyone is doing their part not bothering about whether the person does or not. The platforms are free for pedestrians as there are no vendors on the platform anymore as the residents have pledged not to encourage vendors on the roadside or platforms. Now the vendors are busy selling vegetables, coconuts etc by going on the lanes.

I see a BMTC Bus coming and when it stops at the Bus Stop people are boarding the bus in queue and no more rushing to get that seat. Ladies, kids and senior citizens are given preference to board the bus. The Bus moves off and I see a School Bus arrive. The kids are already waiting with their parents to board the bus and they are not in a hurry as they have arrived well ahead of time. Everyone seems to be more relaxed.

I sincerely wish everyone would like to see Kaggadasapura as the one in my dreams. Let us not wait for others to take the initiative. If everyone who is reading this decides to change Kaggadasapura by changing themselves, I am sure the day is not very far when my vision (sorry, Our Vision) will come true.

More to come………

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